Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions apply to all products and services sold by/offered by Dragonfly Landscape Supply.

Credit Terms will only be given to Commercial Accounts approved by Dragonfly Landscape Supply Management

Retail or non approved clients must pay for entire order prior to picking, loading, or delivery of any product.

Federal and Provincial taxes will be added to invoices when applicable.

Discrepancies or concerns with respect to any invoice must be made within 5 business days.

Concern with any product must be made the same day of pick up or delivery.

If payment upon delivery is accepted, Dragonfly Landscape Supply drivers will not unload until payment in full is received. The client must sign the invoice and the driver must return with full payment and the signed invoice for the office. If the client is not present and payment is not available on site, our driver will return to site and offload all material. The client will receive a delivery fee associated to the material and efforts involved. An additional delivery fee will be charged once the delivery is rescheduled.

Custom orders required full payment upon order.

Return and Refund Policy

All returns must be in original, unused condition within 30 days of purchase.

All returns are subject to manager’s discretion. Original receipts must be present at time of return, refunds will be provided by means of original method of payment. If original receipt is not provided, in store credit may be offered at the Manager’s discretion.

Returns are the responsibility of the customer and therefore any request for pickup is subject to standard delivery fees listed in our delivery fees. All requests for product pickup will be done upon truck availability.

No refunds or returns on natural stone or bulk products. Soil, mulch, aggregate or decorative stone bagged by Dragonfly Landscape Supply.

No refunds or returns on any natural stone products.

Dragonfly will not accept returns of custom orders, clearance or sale items, damaged product, products which we no longer stock, any cut, chipped or damaged stone or any orders shipped direct to the customer from the supplier.

All Home Accent/Gift Shop items must be in original, unused condition within 30 days of purchase. Original receipts must be present at time of return, refunds will be provided by means of original method of payment. If original receipt is not provided, in store credit may be offered at the Manager’s discretion.

Returnable product must have been originally purchased from Dragonfly Landscape Supply.

Delivery Policy

I, the customer, accept full responsibility for any damage done during the delivery and unloading of purchased material on the property/job site listed. This releases Dragonfly Landscape Supply, our drivers and contractors from potential damage, liabilities and claims that can take place. I understand the following:

Delivery is “curb-side service” except where Dragonfly Landscape Supply is able to accommodate requests.

Product placement will be on any reasonable hard surface (eg. Driveways, walkways, etc.) due to the weight of the product and the vehicle. Please take extra precaution if the driveway is under 1 year old

Customer accepts full responsibility for any fees associated with towing and/or damages incurred with this delivery

Delivery vehicles have dump boxes and require room for dumping (eg. low hanging tree limbs, hydro wires, adjacent buildings)

Colour enhanced mulch may cause discolourations and/or stain driveways, vinyl siding or any other light coloured material even though the dye is environmentally safe

If no site map or directions are provided, placement will be at Dragonfly’s discretion, someone must be onsite to accept the delivery before Dragonfly will place (unless specific arrangements have been made)

The colour and texture of the material may different from the products pictured on the website, it is important to approve the product before it is dumped or come and see the product in person at Dragonfly Landscape Supply.

Delivery date means anytime after 7 am on date of delivery

Delivery may change without notice; we will do our best to give an estimated delivery time but no delivery time can be ensured

Any return of product is the responsibility of the purchaser

Any ‘non-stock/custom’ item ordered cannot be returned

Any damaged product must be reported the same business day

Order fulfillment not met due to no fault of Dragonfly and/or their employees will be charged restocking fees and/or delivery fee associated with the ordered.

Orders must be cancelled no less than 24 hours prior to delivery


We supply the highest grade available and each manufacturers warranty applies. Call or visit us to learn more about our products, suppliers and specific warranties. Any quality concerns, please bring to our attention immediately as we stand behind all our products 100%. We will do our best to mediate any concerns from all our clients.

Pickup and Loading Policy

All products must be loaded by the staff at Dragonfly Landscape Supply

and with our equipment. Only Dragonfly staff may operate the equipment at any time. Our staff reserves the right to refuse the loading of any specific product or vehicle. We operate at the highest safety standards but are not accountable for the safety of your load.

When in a designated loading area, please stay in your vehicle at all times.

All children/pets must be accompanied by an adult at our times.

Overall condition of the vehicle, including tire strength and air pressure, lights and blinkers, springs, etc. are your responsibility. Our staff will do our best to assist you with product weight charts to assist you in determining your vehicles payload. We are however not liable as the final responsibility is that of the owner. Please understand your vehicles payload capacity.

Custom and Large Volume Orders

We do our best to stock a wide variety of landscape items, but in the event you require something specific or custom, we will gladly source custom items for you. Please refer to our return policy for terms and conditions on custom orders.

All orders for larger than normal volumes are subject to custom pricing. We understand the value of bulk pricing and will work with you on an individual basis to provide the best price for your project.

Pricing/Estimating Policy

Our prices are subject to change at any time without notice. We do our best to work with our suppliers to negotiate the fairest price for you including passing on our volume discounts.

All estimates are based on information given to us and without us completing a site visit, we use the tools available to us and the dimensions provided to offer an estimate to the best of our ability. We encourage you the review your estimate and double-check your measurements before placing an order. Estimates are subject to change at any time without notice, based on product pricing adjustments passed on to us by the supplier due to the seasonal nature and availability of our product. Dragonfly staff will always do their best to create quantitative estimates based on the most accurate information requested from the customer.

Credit Policy

All credit accounts offer a Net 30 days payment structure from date of invoice.

A 2% interest charge will be added to any balance over the payment terms. A 2% fee will be added on any additional months balance, including the prior interest charges that were already added.

All credit accounts are considered a privilege and will be monitored for positive payment history and account liability. We reserve the right to refuse or revoke any application or existing account at any time.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available in any increment and do not ever have an expiry date. There is no dormancy and interest charges will never be applied.

Truck and Driver Rental

3 hour minimum, time starts when the vehicle and driver leave our yard, proper flagmen are required to be provided by contractor/site foreman. Time ends when driver returns to Dragonfly Landscape Supply yard.