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Some Questions From Our Customers

One cubic yard is 27 cubic ft which is approx. 8 wheelbarrows full.
Please refer to our delivery page for a full breakdown of our delivery capabilities.
Yes, we load each and every vehicle, whether it be bulk loading with one of our three loaders or we have people to load bagged, smaller purchases into your vehicle.
Contact us for more information if you require customized quotes on large volume orders.
Not all grass seed is the same- We sell 5 blends (Full Sun, Sun/Shade, Super Shade, Quick Catch and Hardilawn - sandy soil) and can get custom blends if you require for specific projects. Take the time to speak with one of our grass seed specialists about your soil type, lighting conditions and the time of year. Most of our mixes the calculations is 7 pounds for 1000 sq feet except for Quickcatch which is 5 lbs for 1000 sq ft (it is made up of 3 types of Perennial Rye Grass which is a heavier seed than BlueGrass or Creeping Red Fescue) All of our grass seeds are 100% - check the bags of our competitors and you'll find that many of them contain fillers. All of our Grass seed is Perennial and contains NO Annual Grass Seed meaning it will come up again next year.
Limestone: 165 lbs/cubic foot Granite: 175 lbs/cu ft. Sandstone: 150 lbs/cu ft. Length of Wall (ft) x 0.5 x 0.3 = ___________ / 2000 = # of tons.
Monday to Friday we guarantee same-day or next day (local deliveries). We cannot guarantee exact times, however, if you call within a reasonable amount of time and give us a preferred window we will do our best to deliver in that time frame.
All of our mulch is wood from forestry or cutoffs from Mennonite furniture businesses. Our mulches are untreated and do not contain construction waste, glass, chemically treated pallet wood, creosote treated railway ties, or pressure treated wood. All of the dyes used in our mulches are iron oxide dyes which are safe for children and pets - although we do not recommend ingesting it! We stand behind our mulch 100% and if you have any concerns with colour, fungus, etc. please contact us.
Yes and no, this is a complicated question. Any good soil will grow weeds as fast or faster than the plants or vegetables you actually want to grow in it. Our topsoil and triple mix are not sterilized however they are ideal for lawns where you plan to sod or gardens where you plan to mulch. Under Ontario Pesticide bans we can do no more to control weed seed populations that you. We do have two soil blends which are 'virtually weed-free'. Gro-Turf soil is a great soil for topdressing and filling in small indentations in your lawn as the grass seed will germinate and fill in before wind-borne seeds have a chance to settle in and germinate. Organic Garden Soil is recommended for veggie gardens, raised beds and perennial garden beds. None of our soils are 'black earth' which is sold in grocery stores and big-box stores. but all our soils meet or exceed standard tests and we recommend contacting one of our staff about your specific requirements so we can direct you to the best soil blend for your project.
In the case where you are working with a professional contractor on a project we always recommend consulting with them first and there is no right answer for many of these and it comes down to preference of the contractor. We always recommend following the specifications on the product you are using. For a walkway or patio we recommend 4-6" Granular A (depending on your soil type /drainage patterns/ water table etc) compacted every 2", topped with 1" of limestone screenings or use all HPB (1/4" chip washed) as this is a 'self-levelling' base For a driveway 8-12" Granular A or 3/4" Clear Crushed (depending on your soil type /drainage patterns/ water table etc) compacted every 2" For under a shed or 4-6" Granular A or 3/4" Clear Crushed (depending on your soil type /drainage patterns/ water table etc) compacted every 2" The thicker the gravel the more weight the patio walkway or driveway will be able to support. Also, adding Landscape Fabric of Geotextile between the soil and the gravel will also add to the stability of the driveway walkway or patio. When calculating your base material always allow 10-20% more for compaction and add 6" extra around the outside of the hot tub, shed walkway base etc. for added stability.